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Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs)

What is the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC)?

The first Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres were started in 2003 on a pilot basis by three National Chapters of Transparency International in Eastern Europe – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Romania.  Surpassing all early expectations, since then the ALAC model has taken off and is one of the most dynamic new anti-corruption intervention experiments by the global TI movement. 

The core purpose of the ALACs is to inform citizens about their legal rights and equip them to take action on cases of corruption that they have witnessed or been victim of.  This can be legal action, filing of complaints with responsible anti-corruption or service-agencies, ‘blowing the whistle’ or bringing media attention to public issues.  Data collected indicates that in excess of 120,000 people have accessed the services provided by ALACs worldwide.

ALAC Fiji was officially launched in April 2009 by His Excellency the British High Commissioner to Fiji, Mr Malcolm Mclachlan. 

Our vision 

Our vision is to see a Fiji free of corruption by mobilising stakeholders and empowering citizen’s participation.

In order to achieve this vision, ALAC Fiji seeks to change citizen’s behaviour so that they reject corruption and take concrete measures to combat it.  ALAC Fiji is also concerned with bringing about systemic changes in policies and/or laws to make corruption unacceptable.

To that end, ALAC Fiji’s work is targeted at the community and institutional levels.

Our aim

Our aim is to empower citizens so that they can pursue corruption related complaints and to encourage people to come forward when they witness a corrupt practice or are victims.  In effect to bring an end to the culture of silence and/or turning a blind eye to corruption.

ALAC Fiji also aims to utilise data collated bring about broader reforms by translating concerns and real life experiences into changes that improve systems and procedures.

Our activities

ALAC Fiji is involved in the following:

  • provision of free and confidential legal advice to victims and witnesses of corruption
  • conduct of research and surveys
  • advocacy.

What does ALAC Fiji not do?

We do not conduct investigations and do not litigate.  We are not an enforcement agency of decisions by any tribunal or Court.

How is ALAC Fiji funded?

At present we are funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) of the British Government and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) which is an autonomously administered agency within the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

ALAC Fiji staff

The ALAC Fiji Office is currently staffed by the Programme Director, a Programme Officer and a Legal Officer.

Contact us

For further information on the information on this website page or to access our services you can contact us at:

62 Pratt Street, Suva

Telephone 3304-702 or 

E-mail our Legal Officer at loalac@transparencyfiji.org