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Current TI Fiji Projects

TI Fiji's work reflects a strong focus on empowering citizens at grassroots levels, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to initiate change and gain greater control of their lives.

TI Fiji's focus on empowering our citizens aligns with the TI Strategy 2015 (released March 2011) that identifies, as its first strategic priority the "increased empowerment of people and partners around the world to take action against corruption".

TI Fiji has empowered citizens across the nation, and provided them with information, tools, skills, training and confidence to better understand and fight corruption. TI Fiji has engaged with citizens via specialized workshops, outreach activities, school visits, media engagement, social media networks, membership drives, and one-on-one discussions.

Currently TI Fiji is involved in a number of awareness building and institutional strengthening initiatives:

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC):

TI Fiji established an Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) in 2009, to provide legal assistance to witnesses and victims of corruption otherwise unable to access redress. The centre also provides valuable information about corruption 'hotspots' to better target ongoing efforts to fight corruption. TI Fiji's ALAC is located at 62 Pratt Street, Suva, and additional information, including downloadable brochures and examples of the cases that ALAC has managed over the years are available on the ALAC webpage.

Youth Integrity Promotion (YIP) Programme:

TI Fiji is one of four countries in the Asia Pacific region implementing the YIP Programme, aiming to "encourage and enable youth to act with integrity and reject corruption". The other countries implementing the programme are Sri Lanka, Indonesia and South Korea.

The main activity in the first year of the programme is the Youth Integrity Survey (YIS), with the aim of finding out what young people see as right or wrong, which acts they recognize as being corrupt, whether or not they understand the concept of integrity and where integrity is positioned in their value system. The survey involves 26 questions and will be delivered across each of the four countries participating in the programme, using the same questionnaire and research methodology in order to achieve cross-country comparability. A pilot of the survey was undertaken in Vietnam in 2011 and the results provide an insight into the behaviours and experiences of young Vietnamese and the environment that influences them (the survey results for Vietnamese youth are available on the TI website).

TI Fiji will roll out the Youth Integrity Survey from August 2012, engaging more than 20 TI volunteers to conduct face-to-face interviews with 1,000+ respondents aged 15 – 24 years old. Initial survey results are expected to be available before the end of the year.

Additional information is available from the Youth Integrity Survey facts and figures news item.

Open Budget Initiative (OBI) Programme:

TI Fiji has been active and vocal in trying to ensure that the national budget is more transparent, and that citizens have access to information on how the government spends public money on different activities, and where the money originally comes from (e.g. income tax, VAT, international aid). Importantly, TI Fiji has also been active in educating citizens on their role in analyzing and monitoring the budget, and how they can provide input to the process. This is particularly important given Fiji’s score in the international, biannual Open Budget Survey which gave Fiji a score of zero out of a possible score of 100. The score reflects the fact that Fiji did not publish its Pre-Budget Statement, Year-End Report or Audit Report when the Open Budget Index Survey was undertaken (2010).

As part of the OBI programme, TI Fiji has:

  • included open budget training in its mobile outreach campaigns and workshops, delivered in the Western and Northern Divisions
  • participated in a number of Grassroots Budget workshops delivered by the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum to rural communities in Tailevu and Bua
  • presented to the Ministry of Finance on the OBI programme
  • developed the National Budget Cycle & Process Information Brochure, available in English and Hindi

TI Fiji activities on YouTube

Click on the links below to view videos of TI Fiji's project work, published on YouTube:


Completed Projects

Anti corruption message taken to the Western district

Presentation to Hibiscus contestants on TI Fiji and the Youth Integrity Promotion Programme

Good governance workshop in Nokonoko

Ethics, accountability and transparency resonation to the Forestry Department

Budget transparency workshop

Proposal to the Ministry of Youth & Sport

Women's Leadership Empowerment workshop in Rakiraki

International Anti-Corruption Day

In December 2011, TI Fiji hosted a week of activities to commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day and raise awareness of the adverse effects of corruption. Activities included a coffee and cookie morning, Citizens Advice Roundtable, poetry reading night, Siwatibau Memorial Lecture and launch of the budget transparency brochures.

Police Inspector leadership development course

In December 2011, TI Fiji delivered a workshop to Police Inspectors at the Police Academy in Nasova. The session focused on integrity, accountability, ethics and corruption, with participants working through a case study to understand the concepts. The workshop generated good discussion and challenged participants to examine the implications of unethical behaviour. TI Fiji has proposed an ongoing partnership with the Fiji Police Force for training of police officers.

Civic education workshop at the Suva Corrections bure

In October 2011, TI Fiji delivered a workshop for inmates and officers at the Suva Corrections Bure with the aim of building participants’ civic knowledge, skills and values for responsible citizenship and effective participation in society upon release from prison. In addition to positive feedback from participants, TI Fiji was able to build its relationship with Fiji Corrections Service and discuss the possibility of ongoing civic education sessions. The workshops were also covered in the daily media, providing TI Fiji with positive exposure. View the TI Fiji News item for further details.

LACE program - Youth mentoring and empowerment sessions (partnership with the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation’s World of Difference Programme):

TI Fiji delivered a civic education programme targeted at youth and delivered through workshops, mentoring and outreach sessions across Fiji. Participants developed a greater understanding of their civic rights, roles and responsibilities, active participation in nation-building, leadership and advocacy.

Weekly features in the Fiji Times by Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC)

During mid 2011, TI Fiji’s ALAC provided weekly features in the Fiji Times (daily circulation of approximately 45,000) to promote the work that the ALAC does and the type of clients that it assists. The response from the public regarding the weekly articles was very positive for ALAC, and a greater awareness of the centre was developed immediately.

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) mobile outreach

The ALAC mobile outreach program was rolled out in August 2011, with workshops held across the country. Attendees were given information about the free advisory services available for victims and witnesses of corruption and about the types of cases dealt with by ALAC. Based on participant feedback, rural dwellers are significantly worse off than their urban counterparts in being able to access information needed for effective participation in decision-making processes. TI Fiji will continue to be mindful of this as it prepares and implements ongoing workshops and training sessions across Fiji. View further details under TI Fiji News and Events -Northern district and Western disctrict news items.

Pre-AGM workshops for the National Youth Council (NYC) of Fiji

In August 2011, TI Fiji hosted workshops for representatives from the NYC, to develop their skills and knowledge in being able to effectively undertake their roles on the Council, including their key role of providing advice to the Minister for Youth on youth issues. Workshop topics included good governance, ethics, rights and responsibilities, and the values of integrity, transparency and accountability. Further details are availble under News and Events.

UNDP National Initiative on Civic Education (NICE) program

TI Fiji was engaged as a delivery partner for the UNDP’s NICE program to deliver civic education (knowledge, skills and values related to democracy, human rights, democratic governance, constitutionalism and rule of law, peace and nation-building) to contribute to the vision of having a peaceful, stable and democratic Fiji. Further details are available under News and Events.