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Media Releases


Poll a key step to democracy
24-Sep-2014 | 282kb
FIJI needs to make a new commitment to achieving a visible national culture of accountability, says Dr Donasiano Ruru, Chairperson of Transparency International Fiji, in order to build sustainable democracy.

Youth face “integrity crisis”
28-May-2014 | 306kb
YOUNG people in Fiji and the Asia-Pacific region face an “integrity crisis” as this large population group enters the education system and the workplace, Transparency International (TI) Fiji warned in a statement issued in Suva today.

Study finds Fijian businesses and political parties most corrupt
12-Jul-2013 | 316kb
The Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) 2013, a study by Transparency International, the global coalition fighting against corruption, has established that people think businesses and political parties are the most corrupt in Fiji.

Transparency International (TI) Fiji seeks integrity and transparency in the electoral process.
20-May-2013 | 106kb
Transparency International (TI) Fiji has begun training its Board of Directors and Staff so they are ready to work with partners to conduct voter education for the 2014 national election.

Transparency International (TI) Fiji holds annual meeting
09-May-2013 | 187kb
Transparency International (TI) Fiji believes the government should be transparent, accountable and participatory at national level to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals which Fiji signed at the United Nations.

Transparency International (TI) Fiji comments on “partly free” Fiji media
09-May-2013 | 229kb
Fiji’s “partly free” media status is a concern to Transparency International (TI) Fiji as this detracts from the vision for a modern nation-state and democratic society.

Transparency International (TI) Fiji welcomes registration of political parties
07-May-2013 | 181kb
Transparency International (TI) Fiji has applauded the registration of three (3) political parties as a positive step toward freeing up the electoral process and holding truly democratic elections in September 2014.

Press release - Anti Corruption Day - 4 Dec 2012
04-Dec-2012 | 43kb
Press release detailing TI Fiji's activities for Anti Corruption Day, celebrated on 9 December 2012.

Press release - IACC - 14 Nov 2012
14-Nov-2012 | 185kb
Press release on TI Fiji's participation in the International Anti Corruption Conference, in Brazil, November 2012

Press release - Hackathon - 12 Oct 2012
12-Oct-2012 | 39kb
Press release re TI Fiji's participation in a Hackathon in Jakarta, Indonesia. 12 October 2012