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Join us - Everyone can make an impact

The Board of Directors of the Fiji Chapter of Transparency International welcomes applications from Fiji residents and organizations, who may wish to join us.

Categories of membership

There are four categories of membership, detailed below with the annual subscriptions.

Membership subscription

Corporate members
Family members
$ 75.00
Individual members ........ $ 50.00
Civil society members
........ $ 50.00

Please download the Membership Application Form, fill it out, and return completed forms with your cheque to:

Transparency International (Fiji) Ltd.,
GPO Box 12642,
Suva, Fiji Islands

Membership of the Fiji Chapter will give you the opportunity to join the international coalition of corruption fighters throughout the world, who are actively working towards making our world freed of corruption and bribery.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us (T 3304 702) and discuss your interest with us.

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